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Cheat Ace Combat 5 The Unsung War


Get the missing parts from missions 12a, 12b, 16a, 16b, and 27a to unlock the
Falken. You must destroy the hangar of each mission. For mission 12a, follow the
river north, then go east at the fork in the river. You must be close for the hangar
to show appear on radar. For mission 12b, after taking out the four radar sites,
destroy enough targets and the hangar will show up near the smokestacks. The
one in mission 16a is between the field HQ and the airfield. Mission 16b has it west
of the river, between the airfield and oil refinery (south of the north-most river).
The part on mission 27 is very close to the gun tower, in front of the tunnel.

Unlock F22A:
Successfully complete arcade mode.

Unlock X-02:
Get all the other aircraft except for the Falken to unlock the X-02.

Song decision:
During one of the early stages of the campaign mode, Chopper will ask you about
a song. Your next mission will depend on your answer (“Yes” or “No”). Also, at the
end of the stage in which Edge gets rescued, Chopper will again ask you about the
same song. Again, your “Yes” or “No” answer will decide which stage is next.

Get a Free Mission:
Just like in Ace Combat 4, this game also gives you the option of the “Free
Mission”, when you have completed the game, go to the main screen and select
Free Mission. You can now play any mission in the game, using any plane you
have previously bought.

Even more difficulty settings…
When you have completed the game, there are a few more difficulty settings that
you can choose from. These are great if you completed the game with ease, and
want more of a challenge!

Music Player
After completing the game, just go back to the Title screen and go to options. The
Music Player option will now be available. With this, you can listen to all every
single track from within the game. This is probably the ONLY place you will be
able to do this, without having to actually play the game

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