Sabtu, 30 Juni 2012

Cheat Activision Anthology

Unlock Boxing Commercial:
To unlock a Boxing Commercial, simply win a match when playing against the computer.

Unlock Chopper Command Commercial:
To unlock the Chopper Command commercial, score at least 4000 while playing that game.

Unlock Chopper Command Patch:
To unlock the Patch for Chopper Command, get a score of 8000 or more.

Unlock Disco Mode for Atlantis:
To unlock Disco Mode, score more than 30,000 points in the game.

Unlock Distortion Filter for Fishing Derby:
To unlock Distortion for Fishing, simply beat the computer in a match of the Derby.

Unlock Dragster Patch:
To get a Patch for Dragster, finish with a time of less than 6.5 seconds.

Unlock Enduro Patch:
To unlock the Enduro Patch, drive over 250 miles.

Unlock Freeway Commercial:
To unlock the Freeway Commercial, earn 30 points or more in Game 1.

Unlock Ice Hockey Commercial:
To unlock the Ice Hockey commercial, score a goal on the opposition with your goaltender.

Unlock Motion Blur Mode for Choplifter:
To unlock Motion Blur, score at least 6000 points.

Unlock Vertical Hold Mode for Frostbite:
To unlock Vertical Hold Mode in Frostbite, score 4000 or more points in a game.

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