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Cheat The Getaway

Get Armored car Weapon:
During the movie before the main menu appears press Up, Down, Left, Right, Square, Triangle, Circle

Double health:
Press Up(2), Left(2), Right(2), Circle(2), Down at the title screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Regain health:
Lean against wall and wait or get in car and drive off.

Pistol: Your basic weapon, two to five bullets will take out most people
(depending where you hit them) You can pick up two pistols. Running up close
to someone and whipping them will generly kill them.

Slower than the pistol, but does more damage. These should not be
used for big fire fights

A rapid firing machine gun- will clear rooms in seconds.

Some faster than the shotgun, and.. you can hold 2!
You can only get it in the police station mission!

Secret Vehicles:
In the getaway there are ten hidden cars they are as followed

1.Tvr Cerbera (Purple)Location on a gravel driveway

2.Nissan Skyline (White)Location on a gravel driveway also in a garage covered by cardboard boxes

3.Lotus Elise (White)Location on a gravel driveway

4.The Catheram the car you start off with in free roam (Purple)Location in a car park with high walls on the left

5.Tank or Armoured Car (Green with firing turret press horn) Location:by Buckingham Palace

6.Lotus Esprit (white & Blue)Location:By HSBC

7.Peugeot 306 (Green with Puple Neons)Location: Down a secret tunnel outside are cardboard boxes smash em out the way go down there will be a burnt out metro and its behind the blue container.

8.Go-Kart (Blue with Red Stripes with 07 on front)Location:in a garage same location as the lotus elise

9.Golf Buggy Go to hyde park in free roam mode. Drive around and you will find an area with just flat grass and there are some bushes behind one of the bushes there is a golf buggy which you can drive.

10.Saab Concept Car (white) Its in that multistory car park where the chinese and the yardies fight its one of dc carter missions. in free roam go to the car park and to the very last floor and the car is there.

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