Sabtu, 30 Juni 2012

Cheat The Mummy Returns

All spells:
Bring a mummy alive then send him to attack ur girl friend then pause the game press R2 R2 L1 L2 CIRCLE SQUARE CIRCLE LEFT DOWN LEFT then un pause the game suck some ones soul out then u will learn every spell if this dose not work it may be because u dont have the 1st 2 spells
submitted by: billy bob

Level Select:
To acses level select with all levels and all characters Hold down L1,R1,L2,R2,L3 and R3 at the main menu then press:o,x,o,x,o,x,select then a scren should apearr saying you have just read the spell of all worlds.

Press:L2,R2,o,x,Triangle,Square,up,right,right at the main menu and acren should say anubis’ army is yours to control. then press x and go to new game and when you choose your charachter you can pick Rick,Imohtep or AN ANUBIS WARRIOR.
submitted by: bob

As Rick O’ Connell, successfully get to Ahm Shere and go to middle of the place. Then pause game play and press Up, Down, Left, R1, R3, Triangle. You will return to the level and your energy bar will go up and remain there.

Playing as Imhotep:
When you are Imhotep and find the Curse Of Death, do not bother wasting life using the curse on Bosses. It does not work.

Play as the Scorpion King:
While playing the game with Rick O’Connell hold down R2 and L1 and then press triangle, triangle, square, up, left, select, circle, down. Then exit the game and start a new game when it asks which character you would like to be pick Imhotep when u start the level u will automaticly be the Scorpion King.

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