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Cheat The Sword Fighting Sisters

Unlockable Fan Bonus:
If you have saved game data on your memory card from Simple 2000 Series Volume 61 The O-Ane-Chan-Bara (The Big Sister Sword Fight), your OanechanPuruu save will automatically start with All of Aya’s old costumes and Saki’s old costume.

Unlockable Costumes:
Complete two quest boxes – Aya New Costume 2
Complete three quest boxes – Saki New Costume 2
Complete four quest boxes – Saki Old Costume 1
Complete five quest boxes – Aya Old Costume 1
Complete six quest boxes – Aya Old Costume 2
Complete seven quest boxes – Aya Old Costume 3
Complete eight quest boxes – Aya Old Costume 4
Complete nine quest boxes – Aya Old Costume 5
Complete ten quest boxes – Riho Costume 2
Complete stage 6 with Aya 1 – Saki 1
Complete stage 6 with Riho (any) – Makoto 1
Fill the question mark meter in the status bar – Makoto 2

Unlockable Modes And Omake:
Clear stage 6 on normal difficulty for hard difficulty.

Clear stage 6 on hard difficulty for extreme difficulty.

Complete one quest box for wallpaper 1 of 3. Press the shoulder buttons on the mode select menu to change wallpaper.

Clear stage 6 on hard difficulty for wallpaper 2 of 3.

Clear stage 6 on extreme difficulty for wallpaer 3 of 3.

Hint: Quest Mode Translation:
Use the suicide/desperation attack (CIRCLE attack) more than 30 times. The needed limit is less on earlier stages than later stages, but use the attack this many times to be sure.

* Stage 1 at least 15 times
* Stage 2 at least 15 times
* Stage 3 at least 20 times
* Stage 4 at least 20 times
* Stage 5 at least 30 times
* Stage 6 at least 30 times

Clear all the enemies from each room or hallway you come across until no more enemies respawn. The enemy count also includes the rooms you re-enter by accident.

Enter “bloody mode” at lteast eight times in a given stage. Some stages have a higher requisite limit than others.

* Stage 1 at least 4 times
* Stage 2 at least 6 times
* Stage 3 at least 8 times
* Stage 4 at least 8 times
* Stage 5 at least 4 times
* Stage 6 at least 4 times

Perform a 25-hit “just frame” combination in a stage (it may have to connect with an enemy to count). Notice sometimes the sword has a wavy effect when attacking — you pressed the SQUARE key at just the right frame to do extra damage (or ‘Cool Attack’). The timing of the button press is delayed slightly on hits 3, 6, and 9. The combination statistic must be at maximum for this challenge to be possible.

Get a continuous set of combo hits/kills in a preset period. The period differs depending on the stage.

* Stage 1 about 13 seconds
* Stage 2 about 15 seconds
* Stage 3 about 17 seconds
* Stage 4 about 19 seconds
* Stage 5 about 21 seconds
* Stage 6 about 23 seconds

Kill the boss of the stage under a preset period. This varies depending on the stage. The timer only starts when you first face the boss.

* Stage 1 under 20 seconds
* Stage 2 under 30 seconds
* Stage 3 under 60 seconds
* Stage 4 under 35 seconds
* Stage 5 under 40 seconds
* Stage 6 under 45 seconds

Clear a stage without being struck by an enemy or enemy attack. Note O-Ane-Chan may still lose life from “bloody mode” or the desperation attack and fulfill this challenge.

Clear a stage while still in “bloody mode”. Very easy if you anticipate fighting the boss.

Clear a stage with the lifebar flashing in warning. Very difficult if you do not have the invincibility gem against some bosses. Planning ahead helps.

Clear a stage with a 100% bloody sword. Very easy if you couple it with “bloody mode”.

Hint: Clean Pause:
Oneichample Puruu has a clean pause function for you perverts. After hitting START, press L3 to clear the screen of the menu (this also brightens the screen for screenshots). Pressing START will restore the pause menu and unpause the game.

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