Jumat, 29 Juni 2012

Cheat X Files Resist Of Serve

Grenade Bullets: X, CIRCLE, SQUARE, L2, RS
Player Invincible: UP, SQUARE, CIRCLE, X, DOWN
One Shot Kills: CIRCLE, L2, DOWN, R1, X
Unlock All Acts: R2, RIGHT, L2, UP, SQUARE
Unlock All Bonus Features: LEFT, R1, L1, DOWN, CIRCLE

Cheat: Infinite Ammo:
In the cheats section enter L1, L2, X, R2, R1
Cheat: Infinite Health Packs:
At the optical disk, instead of entering Mulder’s code enter Chris Barnes’ code to receive a free health pack. You can repeatedly enter Barnes’ code for more health packs, but only until you enter Mulder’s code.

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