Minggu, 01 Juli 2012

Cheat All Star Baseball 2005

Easy Card Points: 
Select quick play or franchise mode. Set the number of innings to 1 then score by any means while holding the CPU to a no hitter. When the single inning game ends, you will be awarded card points for having a perfect game and a no hitter.

Easy hits: 
Pause game play immediately after the pitcher releases the ball. You will be able to see the pitching icon.

Easy season win: 
In season mode, go to the GM office, then go to the player editor. Set all your players to A+ then go to all the other teams and make their All-Star players a D-.

Home Run Antics:
After hitting a home run, press L1 or R1 while your player is rounding third to make him gesture towards the crowd. The crowd will boo if you're away and cheer if you're the home team.

Move pitch after thrown:
Use the Right analog-stick to move a pitch after it is thrown.

Players will never retire:
If you do not want your players to retire, go to "Edit", then lower their age

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