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Cheat Arc the Lad: End of Darkness

Character cards: 
Note that these characters must be materialized and can only be used in counter guild missions and online. Also note that any character card missed in a notice board mission can be found in the lottery shop after all the other cards have been won from the lottery. You win each card in order.

Win his card in the Dilzweld lottery. (7th)

Obtain the Arc hunter rank after completing the game.

Veteran Notice Board task "Wanted: Exorcist!" Found in a room with a ton of Ghouls and a malademon Reecher. Defeat the Reecher to get the card.

Win her card in the Dilzweld lottery. (1st)

Master Notice Board task "Wanted: Master Hunter!" Located in the Ice Gallery within an ice stalagmite surrounded by Poison Slimes. Hard to miss.

Complete the Monster Book by defeating at least one of every single monster in the game. The Monster Book is with the Mofly in Rueloon.

Expert Notice Board task "Urgent Manhunt!" Found in the Dragon's Lair. Defeat three Green Dragons that are found near the boss room. Hard to miss.

Win her card in the Dilzweld lottery. (2nd)

Win his card in the Dilzweld lottery. (8th)

Received from the Mofly in Milmarna. You can't miss it.

Veteran Notice Board task "A Favor to Ask." Inside the terrorist base, you will find a group of exploding barrels. The card is in the middle barrel.

Win his card in the Dilzweld lottery. (4th)

Found in the final dungeon of the story missions, Cathena Lab. Near the end of the dungeon, the card is within a Tin Golem. Hard to miss.

Rookie Notice Board task "Find the Missing Person." Found in a crate 3 screens down from the summit. (Appears on your way down)

Expert Notice Board task "Help my Father!" In a crate in the basement of the castle.

Load a cleared Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirts save or win her card in the Dilzweld lottery. (9th)

Win his card in the Dilzweld lottery. (3rd)

Rookie Notice Board task "Find my Husband Demill." Found in a crate in the center of a plus shaped room. Hard to miss. (Appears on the way out)

Master Notice Board task "To Anyone Who'll Believe Me..." Located in an iron box inside the Romarian Tunnel. The box is surrounded by Dark Dwellers.

Win his card in the Dilzweld lottery. (5th)

Received after the Apprentice Notice Board task "Find Our Teacher!" You get this automatically.

Apprentice Notice Board task "Find Our Teacher!" In room with boxes floating in midair. Use them to make your way across an invisible bridge.

Win his card in the Dilzweld lottery. (6th)

After completing the game go to Orcoth and fight him in the arena. After winning you get his card.

Defeating The Chalice:
To defeat both forms of The Chalice, repeatedly use Thunder Storm 2. However, be careful with the second form. You must protect Ursula, and watch out for when it jumps up and starts spewing blood then slams down onto you. Also make sure that Ursula's Exorcist's Gun shoots it to stun it. The stun lasts about five seconds.

Defeating Malademons: 
You can defeat a Malademon by dodging its attacks (press Square to dodge), keep attacking it (press X andb dodge). Then keep doing this in a pattern: attack once, dodge, attack once, dodge, etc.

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