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Cheat Armored Core: Nexus

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game in EVO mode to unlock the "Free Arena" and "Free

Missions" options when your cleared save game is loaded. Note: Three Free

Missions will only appear by failing a certain mission, as follows.

Free Mission 4: Intentionally fail the Missile Efficiency Test mission then play the
next Kisaragi mission.

Free Mission 5: Intentionally fail the first two Mirage missions, then play the next
Mirage mission.

Free Mission 22: Intentionally fail the Remove Kisaragi Investigation Unit mission,
then repeat that mission again.

First person view:
Reach a 100% completion rating in the Revolution Disk. Then, press Start to pause
game play, then hold Select and press Start to resume.

Bonus emblems:
Earn an "A" rank in all missions in the indicated episode to unlock the
corresponding emblem.

Crescent Moon: Episode 4
Danger: Episode 9
Dark Rider: Episode 12
Fefnir: Episode 8
Fenrir: Episode 5
Milicona: Episode 13
Necron: Episode 14
Nineball: Episode 2
Pink Cat: Episode 3
Rave: Episode 11
Unknown: Episode 6
Shadow: Episode 10
Silver Wolf: Episode 7
Sledge Hammer: Episode 15

Left Hand Karasawa:
Finish the game succesfully.

Training Exercise Versus AC mission: Hidden part:
Win the fight against Genobee to get the Finger (for barrel machine gun) for the
right arm.

Attack Mirage Transports mission: Hidden part:
Destroy every transport to get a wide and shallow FCS.

Eliminate Rogue Engineer mission: Hidden part:
Go to where the majority of the MTs are located, then fly up onto the first "bridge".
Go to the right side and press Circle to get the part. Note: You must be on a
slightly lower elevation than the part in order to grab it.

Go past the MTs into the canyon. On the bridges above you will find the CR-
WH98GL Arm unit R. It is a small grenade rifle that can be hangered.

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