Minggu, 01 Juli 2012

Cheat ATV Off Road Fury 2

Extra ATV Gear:
If you have ATV Offroad Fury 1 data on your memory card, you will have access to the special G-Ride ATV and gear when you start your ATV 2 game.

Full Cheat List:
To unlock these cheats, go to Profile Editor, then Unlock Items, then Cheat Codes. Enter the phrases to unlock the corresponding cheats:
Everything: IGIVEUP
1000 Profile Points: GIMMEPTS
Aggressive CPU Riders: EATDIRT
All Games: GAMEON
All Tracks: TRLBLAZR
All Equipment: THREADS
All Championships: GOLDCUPS
Disable Wrecks: FLYPAPER
Unlock San Jacinto Isles: GABRIEL

Unlock Everything:
Go to the cheat menu and type in "igiveup".

Unlock Ravage ATVs:
To unlock Ravage ATVs, complete the training course.

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