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Cheat ATV Quad Power Racing 2

Various Cheats: 
Enter the following names for your profile name to get the desired cheats:

REDROOSTER - Get Champs 
DOUBLEBARREL - Get Challenges 
ROADKILL - Get All Tracks 
BUBBA - Get all riders 
FIDDLERSELBOW - Get all Tricks 
GINGHAM - Max out Stats 

Win ATC and other ATV's:
Win atleast 8 out of 15 races in ARCADE mode. This is the only ATV you win in arcade mode! All other ATVs you win in Career mode.

Obtain Viper and Dimension: 
Go to ATV academy. Beat control training and trick training, then go to free-style mode.

To get Max statistics,all tracks,all riders,all vehicles and all that other trash just go to your profiles and where you have to type in your name just enter either Goldrush or Golddust.Hint:I would enter Goldrush, because it sounds cool.

A Perfect Score: 
To get a score near perfect on freestyle do as followed:As soon as you drive off the beginning clif turn right and you will see a ramp that you have to jump to get to the other even higher ramp.Go to the first ramp and jump it.Now you should be on the second ramp,DO NOT JUMP IT.As you are on the second ramp go to the tip and do a doublebarrel (double ramp).Then you will hold that doublebarrel position until time runs out or until you have smoked your friends score.Hint:It is highly recomended that you use the four wheelers instead of the ATC while attempting this stunt.

Slick Turning: 
To make a slick turn as if you were running from the cops all you have to do is use your turbo booster when turning to go infinity and beyond.

Backflip without going off jump: 
Do a wheelie. Preload while doing the wheelie and release Powerup. You will do a backflip without going off a jump.

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