Minggu, 01 Juli 2012

Cheat Backyard Wrestling

Use the following names for a created wrestler to turn on the associated cheat effect.

denicholas - invincible players 
jche - player 1 is invincible
ddaniels - unlimited super moves for player 1 
cbarlow - player 2 is invincible 
jmaxwell - unlimited super moves for player 2 
rtaylor - big head mode
okendall - big hand mode 
tpiperi - big feet mode 
tho - big evertything mode
jgintu - halo mode 
pjefferies - ghost mode 
ksimeonov - greyscale mode 
ewilliams - wireframe mode
edma - first person camera 
stomanovski - hardcore Al difficulty 

Master Cheat:
At the main menu screen, hold L1 and then press X, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, X, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE. You'll hear a sound if it's done correctly.

Unlock Clowning Around Video:
To get the Clowning Around video, complete the list given on the last stage at the television studio.

Unlock JCW Boys Video:
To unlock the JCW Boys video, complete the list given on the mall stage.

Unlock Jamie Madrox:
To unlock Jamie Madrox, beat the game with Sabu.

Unlock Tom Dub the Giant Killer:
To unlock Tom Dub you must first beat the game with any character to get Madman Pondo and then beat the game again with Madman Pondo.

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