Senin, 02 Juli 2012

Cheat Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance II

Cheat: Cheat Menu:
Hold L1 + R1 + TRIANGLE + SQAURE + CIRCLE + X, START to unlock the Invulnerabilty and Level Warp menu. 

Cheat: Level-Up:
Hold L1 + R1 + TRIANGLE + SQAURE + CIRCLE + X, Press L2. 

Unlockable: Extreme Mode:
To unlock Extreme Mode, beat the game once. Extreme Mode requires a saved character to play. 

Unlockable: Play as Drizzt and Artemis:
To unlock Drizzt, beat the game on any difficulty. To unlock Artemis the Human, complete the game on Extreme Difficulty and start a new game. Move the cursor to Alessia Faithhammer and then press DOWN once for Drizzt and DOWN, DOWN for Artemis.

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