Minggu, 08 Juli 2012

Cheat Bujingai: The Forsaken City

Unlockable List:
Beat the game to unlock the following items: 
Hard Mode 
High Scores Display 
All movies and credits 
Demo Game 
Stage Select 
Super Mode (beat on hard) 

Unlockable List 2:
Unlock these features by collecting Coins: 
5 Coins: Press Release Video 
10 Coins: Gackt Interview 
15 Coins: Gackt's Design: 
20 Coins: Picture of Lau 
25 Coins: Gackt’s Outfit 
30 Coins: Lau Image 
40 Coins: Hirokazu Yamadera Interview 
50 Coins: Ou Tian Zai's design 
60 Coins: Sakamoto Maaya Interview 
70 Coins: Oni 2 Image 
80 Coins: Norio Wakamoto Interview 
90 Coins: Oni 3 Image 
100 Coins: Oni 4 Image 
110 Coins: Ou Tian Zai and Lei Zhen Long Image 
120 Coins: Demo and Tokyo Game Show Video

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