Senin, 02 Juli 2012

Cheat Burnout Revenge

Black Elite Racer - Achieve ELITE Rank
Criterion GT Racer - Finish the White Mountian Challenge.
Custom Classic - Finish the Sunshine Keys Challenge.
Dominator Assassin - There must be a Burnout 3 gamesave on your memeory card.
EA GT Racer - Finish the Central Route Challenge.
Etnies Racer - Finish the Motor City Challenge.
Euro Classic LM - Finish the Eternal City Challenge.
Hot Rod - Finish the Lone Peak Challenge.
Logitech World Racer - Finish the Rank 10 Ultimate Revenge GP.
Low Rider - Finish the Angel Valley Challenge.
Nixon Special - Finish the Eastren Bay Challenge.
Revenge Racer - Finish 100% of the game.

Hint: Unlockables With Ease 
If you only desire to unlock every single car, all you need to do is to achieve a medal (any medal). You'll still receive a car if that event has a car waiting to be unlocked. For your Revenge Rank, don't worry about always getting gold. By the time you achieve a medal for every event, you'll unlock a Revenger Racer and will be close to Elite Rank.

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