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cheat Conflict Desert Storm

Various Cheats:
These codes require the PS2 keyboard
During gameplay press the following

K - Invincibility toggle

Y - Reverse Aim

X - Pauses Game

L - Show debug info

\ - Menu toggle

Easy way to kill tanks and special weapon abilities:
To kill tanks easily all you have to do is shoot at the wheels and you can practice this on one player training which also tells you that the gun that Bradley starts with can be used as a grenade gun by holding triangle going onto his original gun and pressing R1.

When you have to blow up a tank and you dont have any rocket launchers, take your C-4 and have it out then have another team member, or you, throw a smoke bomb right next to it then the person with the C-4 runs to the tank and you have to get all the way against it then crouch down and and face it put one piece of C-4 on it then throw another smoke bomb and when it covers the tank or makes it so it cant see then get on your feet and run back to your team members then detonate the C-4.

Where to get the C4:
Right after you cross the bridge there's two buildings and one of them have the C4 It is the one on the left go in there and collect the C4 . The C4 is the bomb Detonator that blows up the bridge plant it on the bridge and get off the bridge as fast as you could then get out your detonator and blow up the bridge. After that your on your own from there buddy Good luck

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