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Cheat Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening

Cheat: Unlock Almost Everything 
At the start menu hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 then rotate the Left Analog-stick. You will here a voice say "Devil May Cry and all modes, costumes, and galleries will be unlocked. Note that you must still complete the stages and buy your skills normally. This code is verified for the U.S. and Japanese versions only.

Unlockable: Modes 

To unlock Hard Mode beat Normal Mode
To unlock Dante Must Die beat Hard Mode
To unlock Heaven or Hell beat Dante Must die

Unlockable: Alternate Ending 
Kill 100 enemies during the credits to get a different ending screen.

Unlockable: Characters 
Press R1 or L1 at the mission select screen to get different characters.

Beat the game on easy for shirtless Dante
Beat the game on normal for Devil May Cry 1 Dante
Beat the game on hard for shirtless (nekkid) Dante.
Beat the game on hard to unlock the Legendary Dark Knight
Beat the game on hard to unlock Sparda

Unlockable: Infinite Devil Trigger 
Beat Dante must die mode to unlock the Devil Trigger.

Unlockable: Devil Arms 
Cerberus - Complete Mission 3.
Agni & Rudra - Finish Mission 5.
Nevan - Complete Mission 9.
Beowulf - Above the starting spot in Mission 14.

Unlockable: Firearms 
Shotgun - Inside the bar in mission 3. This is after unlocking the blue exit door.
Artemis - Find and use all three essences on the laser machine in mission 5.
Spiral - The outdoor area in mission 9 has a high area near a waterfall; jump to the high area for the gun.
  Kalina Ann - Defeat the mission 16 boss.

Unlockable: Clear Game Art 
After beating DMC3 in Easy or Normal Mode, the Illustratiosn Gallery is unlocked together with your first piece of artwork for the Clear Art section. To unlock the other 9 pieces of artwork, specific requirements are needed. There is no artwork to unlock for Heaven Or Hell Mode.

1. Clear easy difficulty
2. clear normal difficulty
3. Achieve rank on all missions (normal difficulty)
4. Achieve SS rank on all missions (normal difficulty)
5. Clear hard difficulty
6. Achieve S rank on all missions (hard difficulty)
7. Achieve SS rank on all missions (hard difficulty)
8. Clear Dante Must Die difficulty
9. Achieve S rank on all missions (DMD difficulty)
10. Achieve SS rank on all missions (DMD difficulty)

Hint: Clip Reloading 
Tap L2 after firing a slow to reload weapon (i.e., shotgun) and flick it back to fire it again. It is slightly faster than waiting for the weapon to reload.

Hint: The Trial Of Intelligence 
In mission 5, the trial of intelligence involves a hazy and misleading clue. Take a look at the skulls above each doorway and note how many "red dots" there are. Each door will thus have one, two, three, or four red dots. Enter doors 4, 2, and 3 to claim the essence of intelligence. How this relates to the riddle printed on the trial's pedastel is a question best answered by Capcom's translation department.

The riddle in Mission six for Trial of Intelligence is the classic "Riddle of the Sphinx" from greek mythology. The Door with four dots represents a baby's hands and feet as crawls on the ground. The door with two dots represents the two feet of a young man standing upright. The door with three dots represents the old man walking on a cane. Go in the doors in that order as instructed in the riddle. Knowing this reasoning will better help a player remembering the order 4, 2, 3.

Hint: Pick A Boss 
In mission 18, you need to fight several bosses all over again. The different coloured lights on each "Mega Man" boss platform corresponds to:

Orange - various demons
Light Blue - Cerberus
Gold - Gigapede
Green - Agni and Rudra
Red - Leviathan
Purple - Nevan
White - Beowulf
Blue - Geyron
Black - Doppelganger

Hint: Orb Mania 
A great place for orbs is the fifth secret mission found on stage 9. Go through the level untill you get to the area where you get the spiral. Go through the passageway underneath the waterfall and up through a small tunnel directly across from where you. The secret mission is marked by a few bright glowing crystals. Once inside you must destroy every breakable object within 40 seconds. The jukebox contains 500 red orbs, although there are many other things to smash as well. Since you can repeatedly pass/fail this mission and not encounter any enemies, you can repeat this process for lots of easy orbs!

Hint: Play With A Buddy 
The Doppelganger style allows a second player (using an Analog 2 controller) to join the fun be pressing START. Note the camera only follows the first player (Dante), although the Doppelganger is

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