Senin, 02 Juli 2012

Cheat Dragon Ball Z: Sagas

Area Smash: 
When near an area with a lot of rocks or buildings, charge hit or throw an enemy by finishing any kind of combo. If successful you will send him/her soaring right into a obstacle. This will kill the enemy no matter how high their health is.

Defeating Bosses: 
When fighting a boss have a special move, teleport, and a good combo selected. Run up to the Boss enough to teleport behind them, then do a combo. When he or she gets thrown away, lock on quickly and hurl a special move to cause maximum damage.

Defeating Cell: 
Once in SS1, do only simple combos with a lot of buttons involved. The more buttons the better. Try using the first two combos that you learn. You must have Combo Breaker. Try not to use Ki moves unless you have to; the longer you must charge, the more open you are to attacks.

Pendulum Mode: 
Beat the game once, and you will unlock the Pendulum mode. In this mode, you can replay any chapter you like, with any character you like: including the following hidden ones: Broly, Bardock, Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha.

Warp Blast: 
When fighting an enemy, you can warp a special move like kamehameha, masenko, galick gun, ect. All you have to is target an enemy with L1. When the arrow is above the enemy continue to hold L1 and then push circle. When everything gets into slow motion, continue to hold L1 and circle and then press R2. You will instantly teleport by the enemy. Then let go of the circle button and you will blast the enemy. This trick is really handy in sticky situations.

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