Selasa, 03 Juli 2012

Cheat FIFA 2001

7 on 7 game: 
Enter the training part of the game. Go to "Training Game" and select "Offense". Now it will be a 7 on 7 game. You can remove the disc from the PlayStation2 and the game will still run, but without music.

Triangle - Speed burst
Square - Long lob pass
X - Pass
O - Shoot
L1 - Through Ball
L2 - Step over
Tap L2 - Jump
R2 - Dummy
Tap R2 - Spin
R1 - Stop with ball
With ball in air:
Square, X or Circle held down while ball is in the air to head, tap twice to volley
Triangle - Speed burst
Square - Slide tackle
X - Control player nearest ball
O - Craging tackle

Always win the game:
To do this code first you must start a game after that wait 2 minutes then pause game then hold down L1 and L2 then keep holding them then push X, X, Circle

Get Longer Kicks:
Go to title screen and press x,x,o,triangle,,square,and r1 twice for longer kicks

Stop Free Kicks:
If your opponent is taking a free kick to block it (but make your guy fall over)Put a guy infront of the kick-taker and when he shoots press and hold square the your guy will be knocked-down, but will get up again and take the ball.

Unlock EA All-star-Team
Start an exhibition game and when picking your team go to the Arsenal team in the English league and press and hold the start button, then press circle, you should here a sound if the code was entered correctly.

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