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Cheat God Hand

Unlockable: Fighting Ring Battle 41-50
You must complete the game once.

Unlockable: Fighting Ring Challenges
Finish Stage One.

Unlockable: Hard Mode
Finish the game on normal mode once.

Unlockable: Karate Costume
Beat the game once.

Chihuahua Race:
Clear Stage 3, then talk to the male NPC in the shop to play it.

Fighting Ring challenges:
Clear Stage 1.

Unlock Fighting Ring Battle 41-50:
Beat the game once.

Unlock Fighting Ring Battle 51:
Clear Fighting Ring Battle 41-50.

Unlock Hard Mode:
Beat the game on Normal Mode once.

Unlock Jukebox:
C Complete the game on Hard Mode to unlock it.

Unlock Jukebox A:
Complete the game in any difficulty once and it will appear at the shop.

Unlock Jukebox B:
Go to the casino for jackpot pulls, get a ticket to redeem the Jukebox cd.

Unlock Jukebox D:
Complete the game on (any difficulty) with the "Kick Me" sign on the entire game without using any GodHand Reels or Godhand Power.

Unlockable Costumes:
Start from second round, there'e an extra NPC in the shop, talk to him to change the costumes.

Unlockable - How to Unlock:
Carnival - Beat the game once.
Karate - Beat the game once.
Devil Hand - Beat the game once.
Olivia's Bunny Girl - Beat the game once.

Unlock TV, Radio, Jukebox: 
Clear the challenges 1 to 50 and then defeat challenge 51. That challenge has an enemy with 120,000 HP (takes eight Shaolin Blasts to take down). Once that is cleared, a television is installed in the shop to view the various trailers.

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