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Cheat Katamari Damaci

Unlock Eternal Mode:
Make a Star 4 - Grow larger than 1.30 meters
Make a Star 8 - Grow larger than 25 meters
Make the Moon - Grow larger than 800 meters

Unlock Presents:
Scarf #1 - Make a Star 2. Outside of the house in the tomato field

Chef Hat - Make a Star 3. Ram the tree with the swing to knock off the present, then pick up the object when the katamari has grown over 50 cm.

Winner's Belt - Make a Star 4. Go past the 20 cm barrier and enter the kitchen. The present is on the kitchen table and requires the katamari to be at 50 cm.

Camera - Make a Star 5. Grow the katamari over 45 cm to access the shopping district downhill from the area where you start. At the start of the district, head right and look for a ramp to shoot forward using the dash. This strikes a flying cow who will then drop the camera. The camera is used for taking photos.

Headphones - Make a Star 6. Enter the schoolyard at the top of the hill and find the jungle gym. Behind that is a balloon holding the present aloft.

Apron - Make a Star 7. Enter the schoolyard at the top of the hill and loiter there. The present falls with the boulders and you will simply need patience and luck to grab it.

Guitar - Make a Star 8. Grow past 1.5 meters and enter the area past that barrier. The present follows one of the vehicles on the road in that locale.

Garland - Make a Star 9. Enter the upper town that is past the school's broken wall. There is a large building with twin smokestacks and the present is atop one of the smokestacks. You will need to nab it quickly before your katamari becomes too large and the object is "scrolled off" the object list.

Mask - Make the Moon. Grow beyond 12 meters and enter the port area with the ships and giant squids. A flying robot has the present. To get it without being too big (and making the present an insignificant object), position the katamari on a nearby cliff and use the dash to nab the present when the robot flies by.

Rubber Duck - Make Cygnus. By the safety cones there is a ramp that leads outside. The present is on a ledge near the small window.

Crown - Make Corona Borealis. Roll down the hill and locate the stream. Head under the bridge and the present is near some chickens.

T-Shirt - Make Virgo. On the beach, there are several sun-brellas. The present is on top of one of them.

Scarf #2 - Make Ursa Major. The present is floating around a balloon and requires a katamari over 2 meters to suitably grab. The floating present usually follows the road, although that is not a given.

Sumo Thong - Make Taurus. Grow to around 2 meters and locate the school roof. A present will be hanging from a floating balloon in the path of a ramp. Dash off the ramp with the katamari and nab it.

Wig - Make the North Star. Exit the small theme park and head left into the forest. The present is under the cliff near a campfire.

Unlock Sound Test and Gallery:
Clear the game to unlock the Moon Memorial (accessible from Earth via CIRCLE) that will allow you to hear the game's awesome music and view your collection of objects.

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