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Cheat Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition

Codes: Cars and Accessories
* Lexus GS 430 and the Cadillac CTS-V: Go to options screen, then cheats, and enter "rimbuk" with the onscreen keyboard.
* H1: Go to options screen, then cheats, and enter "Kubmir" with the onscreen keyboard.
* Atlanta cop: complete the game
* Atlanta and Detroit cop: complete the game
* El Diablo Rigid: defeat vanessa three times in career mode
* Nissan Skyline: complete all 13 tuner race tournaments
* Skully bike: complete the Chopper of America Bike Club races.
* Chrysler 300C "DUB edition": Win the Balboa Park tournament in San Diego.
* Cadillac Escalade EXT Dub Edition: Win the Hotlanta tournament in Atlanta. You will get $10,000 out of it.
* Cadillac Escalade ESV: Win the second San Diego tournament.
* Flag Vinyls: Find the 12 hidden R* Collectables
* Four-Twelve: finish all 16 Exotic Races
* Hotmatch Cuevito Motorcycle: beat all of Phil's 4 races in career mode.
* Lambougini Mercialago: finish U.S. Champs Series (After Beating Detroit)
* Nissan Skyline: finish all 13 tuner race tournaments
* R* License Plates: get 24 hidden R* Collectables
* Race Starters as Riders: get 36 hidden R* Collectables

Cheat List:
Enter the Following cheats at the Cheat Menu.
* All cities in arcade mode: Enter ROADTRIP
* Argo special move: Enter DFENS
* Bunny head: Enter GETHEADL
* Faster pedestrians: Enter URBANSPRAWL
* Flaming head: Enter TRYTHISATHOME
* Increase car mass in arcade mode: Enter HYPERARGO
* No damage: Enter ONTHEROAD.
* Pumpkin head: Enter GETHEADJK
* Roar special move: Enter RJNR
* Snowman head: Enter GETHEADM
* Yellow smile head: Enter GETHEADJ
* Zone special move: Enter ALLIN

At the "Cheats" menu enter the following

Unlock all cities in arcade mode - roadtrip or crosscountry
No damage - ontheroad
Unlock Faster pedestrians + all cityin arcade mode - urbansprawl
Unlock Increase car mass in arcade mode - hyperagro
Unlock Argo special move - dfens
Unlock Zone special move - allin
Unlock Roar special move - ro4r or Rjnr
Unlock Chrome body - haveyouseenthisboy
Unlock Flaming head - trythisathome
Unlock Snowman head - getheadm
Unlock Yellow smile head - getheadj
Unlock Pumpkin head - getheadk
Unlock Bunny head - getheadl
Unlock Skull head - getheadn
+$1 to career money total - kubmir
-$1 from career money total - rimbuk
Add more nitrouse - fastforyou
Unlock all carz - carzforlyf
Unlock all performance parts - perfrmancethree
Get out of car and talk trash to pedestrian - issomebodymad
Unlock all carz - carzforlyf
Unlock all cars - thebigdawg
100% game completion - rockstarchampionracer

Unlock Dodge Magnum:
Win 1st place the Ginza tournament in Tokyo Challenge mode

Unlock Nissan Skyline 02:
Win all 13 Unbeatable Street Racers races

Unlock Chevy Cobalt SS:
Beat the Unbeatable Street Racers tournament in Tokyo

Unlock Gemballa F355:
Beat the By Invitation Only tournament in Tokyo

Unlock Hotmatch Chingon:
Beat the Choppers Of America tournament in Tokyo

Unlock Hummer H3T:
Win the Big Playas tournament

Unlock Nissan Sport Concept:
Win the Class C Vehicles Only tournament

Unlock Paul Smart Sports Bike:
Win the Original Riders tournament

Unlock Tokyo Police Car:
Win all tournaments in Tokyo

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