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Cheat MVP Baseball 2005

Player with a gigantic bat:
Go to the create/edit player menu, and either edit a minor league player, or 
create a player with the name Isaiah, Keegan, or Jacob Paterson. They will have a 
huge bat and will always hit a home run or line drive.

Big hitter:
Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player named keegan paterson, 
jacob paterson, or isaiah paterson (case-sensitive). The player will have a very 
large bat. He will hit a home run or a hard line drive every time you make contact, 
no matter what his stats.

If a good prospect is doing poorly in the minors, try hiring a new pitching coach or 
batting coach to put some spark back into their game.

Easy Homerun Showdown win:
When the pitch is coming in, hold Left Analog-stick Up and time it well. You will 
almost always hit a homerun.

Getting money in owner mode:
If people are not attending your games, you will have difficulty making money. 
Make sure the Fan Happiness meter is high and you schedule Promotional Days 
occasionally to keep people coming out to the ballpark.

Use the following tricks to earn money in owner mode. Note: Save the game early 

and often. Also be patient, as this may take awhile:
Select a team that is championship caliber. You will make more money by hosting 
big games. For example, good teams like Chicago, Boston, New York, or St. Louis. 
You will make somewhere about $500,000 for each playoff game.

Turn off injuries, suspensions, and computer trades. This makes simulating a 
whole season much faster.

Use the money that is initially in your bank to purchase merchandise stands and 
concessions. The more revenue you stream in, the more chance you have to gain 
money in the future. Spend all your starting money (remember promotion days) 
quickly, as you will go into the negatives quickly.

Never let your team have a losing year. That is the easiest way to get into a huge 
hole. In fact, make sure you go deep into the playoffs in the first few years.

Keep your ticket prices at default for the unimportant games early in the season; 
perhaps even lower them a bit early in the season to get people through the door. 
In crucial September games and the playoffs, raise them to a reasonably high 
level. Fan satisfaction is higher then, and they are willing to pay more.

After the postseason, spend all the money that you have earned on ballpark 
upgrades (mostly seating capacity). The more seats, the more money you will 

Turn off fair trades. Check your rosters after the first few seasons to get rid of old 
overpriced players for cheap youngsters. You can even edit young 20 to 22 year 
olds in rosters.

Glitch: Unlock Legendary Players:
Save your profile once you have 5000 MVP Rewards points. Buy a Legendary Player but do not save your profile. Instead, add the Legendary Player to a team and save your roster instead.

Then Load your profile and you will still have 5000 points and the Legendary Player will still be on the team roster. If you repeat the cheat you will be able to get all the Legendary Players on your existing teams.

Cheat: Midget Player:
Create players with one of the following names in lower-case: keegan paterson, jacob paterson, or isaiah paterson to create a midget player.

Unlock Secrets Mode:
In Owner Mode, purchase all the available Ballpark Upgrades (Make sure each upgrade has reached its maximum level). After purchasing your final upgrade, an extra option will appear in the Buy Assets menu. This new Option will be called Secret Stuff.

Unlockable: Secret St. Patrick's Day Jersey:
When you go to create a player, name the player NEVERLOSE SIGHT. Good Luck!

Unlockable: Legendary Teams:
Unlock all 25 Legends Team players to unlock the Legends Team. Unlock all 25 Heroes Team players to unlock the Heroes team.

Unlockable: Classic Stadiums:
Classic Stadiums
Astrodome Houston, Texas (2500 MVP Points)
Cinergy Field Cincinatti, Ohio (5000 MVP Points)
Cleveland Municipal Stadium Cleveland, Ohio (3000 MVP Points)
Crosley Field Cincinatti, Ohio (2500 MVP Points)
Fenway Park (Classic) Boston, Massachussetts (4000 MVP Points)
Forbes Field Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (5000 MVP Points)
Griffith Stadium Washington, DC (3000 MVP Points)
Hiram Bilthorn Stadium San Juan, Puerto Rico (5000 MVP Points)
Metropolitan Stadium Bloomington, Minnesota (5000 MVP Points)
Olympic Stadium Montreal, Quebec (3000 MVP Points)
Qualcomm Stadium San Diego, California (2500 MVP Points)
Shibe Park Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (4000 MVP Points)
Sportsman's Park St. Louis, Missouri (4000 MVP Points)
Tiger Stadium Detroit, Michigan (3000 MVP Points)
Veteran's Stadium Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2500 MVP Points)

Unlockable: Legendary Players:
Legendary Players
Al Kaline 2500 MVP Points
Billy Williams 2500 MVP Points
Enos Slaughter 2500 MVP Points
Ferguson Jenkins 2500 MVP Points
Hal Newhouser 2500 MVP Points
Lou Boudreau 2500 MVP Points
Phil Niekro 2500 MVP Points
Ralph Kiner 2500 MVP Points
Richie Ashburn 2500 MVP Points
Rick Ferrell 2500 MVP Points
Robin Roberts 2500 MVP Points
Bob Lemon 3000 MVP Points
Bobby Doerr 3000 MVP Points
Dennis Eckersley 3000 MVP Points
Hoyt Wilhelm 3000 MVP Points
Jim Bunning 3000 MVP Points
Larry Doby 3000 MVP Points
Lou Brock 3000 MVP Points
Luis Aparicio 3000 MVP Points
Monte Irvin 3000 MVP Points
Orlando Cepeda 3000 MVP Points
Phil Rizzuto 3000 MVP Points
Bob Feller 3500 MVP Points
Brooks Robinson 3500 MVP Points
Carlton Fisk 3500 MVP Points
Catfish Hunter 3500 MVP Points
Early Wynn 3500 MVP Points
Eddie Matthews 3500 MVP Points
George Kell 3500 MVP Points
Harmon Killebrew 3500 MVP Points
Joe Morgan 3500 MVP Points
Juan Marichal 3500 MVP Points
Pee Wee Reese 3500 MVP Points
Red Schoendienst 3500 MVP Points
Rod Carew 3500 MVP Points
Rollie Fingers 3500 MVP Points
Jim Palmer 4000 MVP Points
Jimmie Foxx 4000 MVP Points
Mike Schmidt 4000 MVP Points
Robin Yount 4000 MVP Points
Roy Campanella 4000 MVP Points
Mickey Mantle 4000 MVP Points
Tom Seaver 4000 MVP Points
Warren Spahn 4000 MVP Points
Willie Stargell 4000 MVP Points
Bob Gibson 4500 MVP Points
Buck Leonard 4500 MVP Points
Cy Young 4500 MVP Points
Honus Wagner 4500 MVP Points
Lou Gehrig 4500 MVP Points
Nolan Ryan 4500 MVP Points
Reggie Jackson 4500 MVP Points
Satchel Paige 4500 MVP Points
Ty Cobb 4500 MVP Points
Walter Johnson 4500 MVP Points
Willie McCovey 4500 MVP Points
Yogi Berra 4500 MVP Points
Babe Ruth 5000 MVP Points
Jackie Robinson 5000 MVP Points
Johnny Bench 5000 MVP Points
Sparky Anderson Unlock by unlocking all Legendary Players
Tommy Lasorda Unlock by unlocking all Legendary Players

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