Kamis, 05 Juli 2012

Cheat Need for Speed ProStreet

Input these passwords into the in-game codes menu:
Input 1MA9X99 - Acquire $2,000
Input 1MI9K7E1 - Acquire $10,000
Input CASHMONEY - Acquire $10,000
Input CASTROLSYNTEC - Acquire Castrol Syntec Vinyl
Input COKEZERO - Acquire Coke Zero Golf GTI
Input ENERGIZERLITHIUM - Acquire bonus vinyls
Input HORSEPOWER - Acquire Chevelle SS
Input ITSABOUTYOU - Acquire Audi TT
Input L1IS97A1 - Acquire $8,000
Input LEIPZIG - Acquire Progressive Bonus Vinyl
Input MITSUBISHIGOFAR - Acquire Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
Input REGGAME - Acquire $10,000
Input SAFETYNET - Acquire five Repair Tokens
Input UNLOCKALLTHINGS - Acquire Nissan 240 SX, Pontiac GTO, Chevy Cobalt SS, and Dodge Viper SRT 10
Input W2IOLL01 - Acquire $4,000
Input WORLDSLONGESTLASTING - Acquire Dodge Viper SRT10
Input ZEROZEROZERO - Acquire Coke Zero Golf GTI

File Corruption Solution:
If you inadvertently shut off your system before it saves your alias file may be damaged. Reboot your PS2 and go into the memory card browser. Find the corrupted file and delete said file.

There will be another file on the card which is your "Career" file; don't delete this block. Start up ProStreet and you will be prompted to create another Alias. Once you've done this your career file will load.

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