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Cheat Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando

The Real Insomniac Muesum:
First, go to the "SYSTEM CONFIGURATION" change the time to "2:55am". Then, go to Silver City go through the Main Entrance take a left then another left go to the top of the fountain there will be a teleporter if you made it by "3:00am"

Note: "SYSTEM CONFIGURATION" is on your PS2, you have 5 minutes.

At the title screen hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and then press Square, Circle, Circle, Circle, Triangle, X and then press start. If you entered it correctly you will have unlimited everythig and all weapons and upgrades.

PS. This cheat only works if you are in challenge mode.

Paint Jobs:
Get skill points and visit Slim's.

Unlockable: How to Unlock:
Clowner - 25 skill points
Dark Nebula - 15 skill points
Insomniac Special - 29 skill points
Lunar Eclipse - 25 skill points
Neutron Star - 19 skill points
Paint Jobs - 3 skill points
Plaidtastic - 29 skill points
Scoop Nose - 18 skill points
Silent Strike - 15 skill points
Solar Wind - 15 skill points
Space storm - 10 skill points
Split Nose - 29 skill points
Star Traveler - 19 skill points
Super Paint Jobs - 10 skill points
Supernova - 10 skill points
Warp Streak - 10 skill points

Challenge Mode and Secrets:
After completing the game, Challenge mode and a lot of other features are open to you.

Unlockable: How to Unlock:
Challenge mode - Successfully complete the game once.
Mega Weapons - Buy from vendors in challenge mode, after getting a weapon's second form.
Most of Secrets Menu - Play challenge mode
Rejected Commercials - Get all weapons and modifications
Rest of Secrets Menu - See above, get all weapons second form+mods. Does not apply to Clank Zapper, Gagetron Weapons, R.Y.N.O II or Zodiac. These can have their first forms
Sketchbook - Beat game once, then enter challenge mode and it should be in the Cinematics menu
Ultra Weapons - Upgrade from Mega Weapons.

Skill Point:
Barlow Skill Points
"Speed demon" - Beat 1:45 in the hoverbike race.

Boldan Skill Points:
"No shocking developments" - Ride the grind rail without getting hit.
"Safety deposit" - Rescue all tourists at the bank.

Damosel Skill Points:
"Midtown madness" - Go grinding without getting hit.

Dobbo Skill Points:
"Dukes up" - Kill the mech with only melee attacks.
"Old skool" - Kill all enemies with only the weapons from Ratchet and Clank 1.

Endako Skill Points:
"Nothing to see here" - Destroy all Megacorp rockets during the tour.
"Destroy all breakables" - Bust up the Circular City.
"Operate heavy machinery" - Destroy 10 robots with the crane.

Grelbin Skill Points:
"Be a moon child" - Mine all moonstones.

Joba Skill Points:
"That's impossible!" - Beat the impossible challenge.
"How fast was that?" - Beat 2:05 in the hoverbike race.
"Wrench Ninja II: Massacre" - Kill all enemies with only the wrench.
"Bye bye birdies" - Kill 12 birds.

Maktar Nebula Skill Points:
"Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade" - Defeat Chainblade with only the wrench.
"Vandalize" - Bust up the Maktar Resort.
"2B or not 2B hit" - Kill B2 Brawler without getting hit.
"Clank needs a new pair of shoes" - Win 300 bolts from a slot machine.

Noob Skill Points:
"Robo rampage" - Turn Lunar City into a parking lot.

Notak Skill Points:
"Planet buster" - Destroy the large floating globe.

Oozla Skill Points:
"Prehistoric rampage" - Shoot 4 pterodactyls.
"Smash and grab" - Bust up the Megacorp store.

Siberius Skill Points:
"You can break a Snow Dan" - Kill the Snow Dan.

Snivelak Skill Points:
"Moving violation" - Destroy 14 ships.

Tabora Skill Points:
"Heal your chi" - Get all crystals.

Todano Skill Points:
"You're my hero" - Rescue all tourists.
"Try to sleep" - Turn 16 squirrels into sheep.

Other Skill Points:
"Nano to the max!" - Max out Ratchet's nanotech.
"Weapon envy" - Get all weapons and upgrades.
"Nice ride" - Upgrade all parts of Ratchet's ship.

Free Weapons:
If you have a completed game save of Ratchet & Clank (if which you acquired the weapons) on the memory card you saved Going Commando to, you will get the 5 returning weapons for free.

More Ratchet And Clank: Going Commando Skill Point:
Unlockable: How to Unlock:

Beach Boy - Get 30 Skill Points
Big Head Clank - Get 10 Skill Points
Big Head Ratchet - Earn 5 skill points
Clown Suit - Get 20 Skill Points
Enemies have big heads - Get 25 Skill Points
Mirrored Levels - Get 12 Skill Points
NPCs have big heads - Get 15 Skill Points
Ratchet in a Tux skin - Earn 7 skill points

Keep moving with Charge Boots:
The Charge Boots will propel you for a short time. However, if you hold R1 you will keep going and can move yourself around.

Clank Shocker:
The Clank Shocker can be upgraded into the Clank Zapper. The recommended area to do this is is Planet Smolg. The enemies have a lot of Nanomites and are not very difficult. The zapper has a built-in acid type of mod, even though it is red.
Quick start in hoverbike races

As soon as the light turns green, hold R1 + X . This may require some practice.

Strong attack:
Have at least have the OmniWrench 10000. To kill some stronger enemies, use the jump/vertical slash by pressing X to jump then Square.

Cheaper RYNO 2:
Do not save to get the RYNO 2 before you defeat the Protopet. After you defeat it, the Gadetron vendor will have the RYNO 2, and it will be 1,000,000 Bolts instead of the normal 1,500,000 Bolts.

Defeating the Boss on Snivelak:
Send in the Tankbot before the fights starts. Use all of your ammunition and he will have half his health when you fight.

Easy battle arenas win:
To kill enemies easier in battle arenas, go to the middle of the arena and put upgraded turrets around you. You should win every time, and sometimes not get hit.

Get Snow Skin:
Complete all levels of the Impossible Challenge.

Skill Points:
Get 5 Skill Points -  Acquire Big Head Ratchet.
Get 7 Skill Points - Acquire Tux Skin for Ratchet.
Get 10 Skill Points - Acquire Big Head Clank.
Get 12 Skill Points - Acquire Mirrored levels.
Get 15 Skill Points - Acquire Big Head NPCs.
Get 20 Skill Points - Acquire Clown Outfit.
Get 25 Skill Points - Acquire Big Head Foes.
Get 30 Skill Points - Acquire Beach Boy.

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