Sabtu, 21 Juli 2012

Cheat Ratchet and Clank

Cheat mode:
Beat Drek, after perform any of the combo moves bellow at the
"Goodies" menu to activate cheat function:

FL=Flip Left, FR=Flip Right, FB=Flip Back, CS=Comet-Strike

Gigant head for Ratchet:
FB, FB, FB, Full 2nd Crouch, Stretch Jump, Full 2nd Glide.

Gigant head for Clank:
FB, Hyper-Strike, CS, Double Jump, Hyper-Strike, FL, FR, Full 2nd Crouch.

CS(4), FB, Full 2nd Crouch, FB, Full 2nd Crouch, CS(4).

Trippy trails:
Wall Jump(10), Double Jump, Hyper-Strike.

Gigant head for enemies:
Stretch Jump, FB, FB ,FB, Stretch Jump, FB, FB, FB, Stretch Jump,
FB, FB, FB, Full 2nd Crouch.

Big head mode for NPCs:
FL, FR, FB, FB, FB, CS, Double Jump, CS, Hyper-Strike.

Mirrored stages:
FL(4), 3-Hit Wrench Combo, Hyper Strike, Double FR, FR(2),
Double Jump, Full 2nd Crouch.

Available at start of game : Bomb glove
Blackwater city, Price: 150,000 bolts : R.Y.N.O.
Blackwater City, Price: 7,500 bolts: Mine Glove
Blarg Depot, Price: 7,500 bolts : Walloper
Blarg Station, Price: 2,500 bolts: Taunter
Bomb factory, Price: 7,500 bolts: Drone Device
Fort Krontos, Price: 10,000 bolts: Devastator
Gorda City Ruins, Price: 40,000 bolts: Tesla Claw
Gorda City Ruins, hidden in the level somewhere: Morph-o-ray
Jowai Resort, Price: 7,500 bolts: Decoy glove
Kogor Refinery, Price: 15,000 bolts: Visibomb gun
Logging Site, Price: 7,500 bolts: Glove of doom
Logging Site, hidden in the level somewhere: Suck Cannon
Metropolis, Price: 2,500 bolts: Blaster
Tobruck crater 2500 bolts: Pyrocitor

Blackwater city, win the Hoverboard race: Zoomerator
Bomb factory level: Raritanium
Dreks fleet: Codebot
Gadgetron Site level: Map-o-matic
Jowai Resort level: Persuader
Kogor Refinery, Price: 30,000 bolts: Ultra Nanotech
Kogor Refinery, Price: 4,000 bolts: Premium Nanotech
Outpost x11, kill all of the sand sharks: Hoverboard
Robot Plant level: Bolt Grabber

Blarg depot level: Pilots Helmet
Blarg Station, Price: 2,000 bolts: Grindboots
Blarg station, Outside of the airlock: Hydrodisplacer
Fort Krontos level: Metal Detector
Gadgetron site level: Hologuise
Gorda City Ruins, Price: 1,000 bolts: Gadgetron PDA
Jowai Resort, Price: 2,000 bolts: Thruster-pack
Jowai Resort level: 02 Mask
Kogor refinery level: Magneboots
Metroplis, Price: 1,000 bolts: Swingshot
Metropolis, Price: 1,000 bolts: Heli-Pack
Outpost x11, at the end of the swingshot area : Trespasser
Outpost x11 level: Sonic Summoner
Planet Hoven, Price: 2,000 bolts: Hydro-pack

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