Minggu, 22 Juli 2012

Cheat Ridge Racer 5

Unlock Bonus cars 1:
Finish each of the Grand Prix circuits

Unlock Bonus cars 2:
Set a new record in Time Attack high scores

Unlock Duel mode:
Win in lap and overall time in the Time Attack GP.

Unlock 50's Super Drift Car:
Win in the Danver Spectra race in duel mode

Devil Drift car:
Wint in the Rivelta Crinale race in duel mode

New VW Beetle:
Win in the Solort Rumeur race in duel mode

Unlock McLaren F1 clone:
Win in the Kamata Angelus race in duel mode

Change the saved game icon:
Finish the game and unlock all secrets

Unlock Maximum chllenge GP:
Finish GP mode in hard mode

Unlock 99 lap mode:
Win and reach a high score in each race of the Time Attack GP
in Extra Mode

Unlock 99 Trial Endurance Race:
Travel total 999km or unlocking all the secret cars

Pac-Man mode:
Travel more than 3000km

Intro sequence graphical effects:
If you press R1 during a portion of the intro sequence you will cycle through
three different graphical effects, black&white, yellow tint and a blur effect.
Press L1 one to cycle back again.

Unlock Big Ben:
To get Big Ben the Simi, at the title screen press:
Left, Up, L2, R2, Down, Down, Up.

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