Senin, 09 Juli 2012

Cheat Silent Hill 2

Get more Options:
At the options screen press L1 + L2 + R1 + R1 to get more options

Read Signs:
After finishing the game with all 5 endings you can go back and read the signs that were blurred before

More Ammo:
After finishing the game 1 time, restart and go to the options menu and press R1 + L1

Get Another Riddle Mode:
After beating the riddle difficulty settings of Easy, medium and Hard you will get a new one

As James runs down the hiking trail toward Silent Hill once again a sound emerges from the mist surrounding Silent Hill Ranch. As he draws closer he can see that a stack of logs has mysteriously appeared across the trail from the ranch and a chainsaw has been left running in the logs. This secret weapon adds a whole new level of fun and gore to a replay game. NOTE: YOU MUST BEAT THE GAME FIRST.

Remove Scratchy Filter:
Once you have beaten the game once, restart the game. Go to the options menu and press R1+L1 to reveal the hidden option menu. You will notice a new option that will allow you to turn off the filter that permeates the game, bringing you a clearer picture of what's going on.

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