Minggu, 22 Juli 2012

Cheat TimeSplitters 2

Unlock Characters in Story Mode:
Use medium Difficulty level and beat the following levels to get the character indicated
2280 Return to Planet X - Ozor Mox
2019 NeoTokyo - Sadako
1853 Wild West - The Colonel
1972 Atom Smasher - Khallos
1920 Aztec Ruins - Stone Golem

Get Streets Arcade level, Cardboard Characters:
Beat the game using the EASY difficulty setting

Get Lean Molly & Hector Babasco:
Use arcade mode and get a gold medal in Adios Amigos

Get Rotating Heads Cheat:
Beat the pane in the Neck in Silver (Challenge Mode)

Unlock Sewer Zombie:
Get gold on the Behead the Dead level 

Get Mr. Giggles:
Beat big top blow out with silver or better on elite league under frantic series

Get Crypt Zombie & Dr.Peabody:
Beat the second stage of the first mission in the arcade league on gold to obtain Dr.Peabody and Crypt Zombie.

Unlock Feeder Zombie:
In challenge mode beat Day of The Damned on silver to unlock Feeder Zombie

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