Senin, 27 Agustus 2012

Cheat Pac-Man World 2

Get Ice Skates:
Beat Blade Mountain (Snow World)

Defeat Spooky:
To defeat Spooky, you have to flip kick him 11 times. To avoid his meteor attack, jump the opposite direction the meteor is going. When Spooky is low, flip kick him. Repeat the process 3 more times. To avoid the homing fireball(last two sections), keep moving. Do the same thing as last time.(On the last part, Spooky will unleash a daze attack.)

Butain-Pain Super-Life:
On first checkpoint,look down tree,rev-roll into some angled B-Doing's,follow their lead and you will end up on a tree.There will be a switch,Butt-Bounce on it-extra lives and tokens will appear around Pac-Man,goody goody gumdrops!

Get Original Pac Man & Ms Pac Man Games:
Get 10 tokens to unlock Pac Man, 30 to unlock Pac Attack, 100 to unlock Pac-Mania and 180 tokens to unlock Ms Pac Man

Get Music Test:
Collect 60 tokens

Get Bonus Art:
Collect 150 tokens

Beat world #1-4 bosses

#1 Blinky's killer frog
This boss is not to hard but he can be annoying. first when he shoots his tounge out it will swing back and forth, you need to butt-bounce on it 3 times. After your third hit blinky will make the tounge metal. Now when he spits it out you need to get on the tounge and Rev Roll into his mouth 3 times to finish him.

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